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Spring '18 Beauty Update

Spring '18 Beauty Update

Delving into the vast beauty product world was never really my thing.  I tended to find something that pleased me and I sort of just stuck to it.  Which means, I tended to purchase the same lipstick (Kevyn Aucoin), eyeliner (Guerlain) and mascara (Trish McEvoy - to me this is still the best by far because of the way it does not flake and easily washes off) again and again.  I loved the simplicity of having a set of personal classics that I did not have to think about too much. I did this approach with minor deviation for years.

Spring Beauty Update_Naomi Yamada

As my body and mind changed during pregnancy I was also slowly becoming overwhelmed with things I had to learn and prepare for prior to baby arriving.  There was so much to figure out and I was constantly  re-adjusting to life in my new ever changing body and the life living within. All super exciting, but a lot!

While being overwhelmed with multi-level personal change and research filled nights on my laptop about what to expect, I stumbled upon the world of YouTube beauty videos.  It became my escapism. 

I would watch them in the evening to unwind and eventually I started to learn a few things.  I learned about proper bronzer and blush application plus a whole new world of products I never heard of before like bb creams, serums, primers and so much more!  There is a reason beauty is a $445 billion dollar industry  My big self-caveat here was to be judicious if I were to begin dabbling with new products.  It was about using my self awareness about what tends to work for me and filtering any potential purchase through that.  The last thing I wanted was a collection of stuff I bought on an impulse, but would never use (I try to keep wasteful purchasing to a minimum).   There is definitely is an art to knowing how to select what can benefit you and what is a more appropriate selection for you.  Especially if you are interested in 'non toxic' products, that is a whole other layer of thoughtful editing involved that is really based on research and education. Personally, I keep my skincare as basic and non-toxic as possible (85%) and keep my makeup to a minimum.  With that said, I do feel my best with a little bit of make up - moisturized skin, a lip color, brows and mascara are required reading for me.

In the end, I changed up my beauty routine a little based on my escapist fall down the rabbit hole of beauty videos.  It is still minimal, but the players are different.  Here are a few of my current go-to's and WHY I love them. Note:  That is the one thing I thought beauty professionals could improve in their content, was to include 'WHY' a products is their favorite or most used instead of describing it as 'amazing' and moving on. Hence, that is why I am including my thoughts (all personal opinions) here. 

Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Bronzer (Saffron Sun) - Just the most subtle hint of color.  I am very fair, so sometimes I feel I need a bit of dimension and this works for that.  Very subtle. Love the compact too.

Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Morning Aura illuminating Crème - This product totally surprised me.  Initially I thought, this sounds a little silly - a light moisturizer that has a bit of glow in it so you feel fresh when accosted by the paps as you come off the plane (this was designed by VB remember).  However, the prop stylist in me wanted the container!  In the end, I really love this 'aura'.  It does exactly what she described and has a pleasant lightweight feel.  Fits into busy #momlife well.  I use it almost daily. p/s. I cannot believe the paps do this to her, especially when she is with her daughter! 

Burberry Kohl Multi-Use Pencil (Chestnut brown)- Happened on this during one of those mind-numbing Sephora visits.  I had seen a video their beauty director did once and I remembered she seemed nice (that's how I tend to remember people).  So when I came across Burberry's counter, even though I never thought of them as a beauty brand, I started to test swatches and that's how I discovered this.  It's the perfect Kohl shade for me (olive skin/brown eyes).  Great texture, long lasting and I even use it as a shadow sometimes by applying it with my finger.

Surratt Relevee Lash Curler - Best curl and lift I have found.  I have tried soooo many  but IMHO Mr. Surratt figured it out.  I just wish they sold the refills for this, instead you have to purchase a new one once the cushion wears out. 

Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Lipstick (Brazilian Nude).  - Yes, I am a fan of the VB x EL collab.  Her understanding of the neutral palette compliments my skin tone.  This is the perfect nude for me.  Does not wash me out, but compliments my natural color perfectly. The texture is normal, not to sheer or glossy - just a medium weight normal lipstick.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light - I have been into this for awhile.  It became hard to find for a second, when JLo said she uses it.  Now, it is easy to find again. Phew!  Just the right amount of creaminess (without being greasy) and has a nice subtle scent.  Good for folks who do a lot of hand washing, and as a mom - that's a big part of my day.

The supporting products are in my little bag.  Maybe I will make a separate post about them. Would love to hear about anything you really love or makes you smile.  Feel free to email me, would love to hear what you think.  You can also DM over on IG. x

Visiting : Oahu Hawaii

Visiting : Oahu Hawaii

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Welcome to LA Mansur Graviel