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Slowing down with Kelly

Slowing down with Kelly

Sketching satsumas by Naomi yamada

It is never a good time to catch a cold, but it's especially no fun during holiday prep time.  Instead of gathering gifts, working to tie up projects, baking and socializing .... I was down with a cold.  Nothing too crazy, but enough to zap my energy and make me sofa bound for a week.  

While I was healing, I read a few of the books on the coffee table.  My favorite of this round was Drawn from Nature The plant lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly.  Kelly used broad strokes, full range of his right arm and let the plant dictate the number of strokes for his lyrical lithographs.  It inspired me to sketch the delicious satsumas I make sure are always around during this season.  As I was sketching, I realized yet again that simple is not so simple to create. Simple and lyrical even trickier.  I loved sketching though, there is that meditative quality that surfaces when your draw a shape again and again....and again.

I also took some time to finally figure out a coffee alternative and this is working out pretty well.  Some days though, you just need a yummy cup of coffee.

During some web surfing and pinning I found this and this by The Line that sums up how I think about dressing these days.  

All in all, slowing down was refreshing.  I pared down my closet even more, I reignited my love of drawing plants and fruit and I have a new warm morning beverage that I love ♡


Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

Looking At:  Russh Magazine

Looking At: Russh Magazine