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Packing light when traveling

Packing light when traveling

Naomi Yamada Traveling light to Italy

Traveling is  an adventure.  Like everyone, I look forward to new places, new experiences and new ideas (which is a great travel perk).  However, I do not look forward to packing.   

Since I insist on only a carry-on (no matter how long the trip) - I have my packing routine down to a science.  I  created four packing lists.  Various versions depending on climate and purpose of trip. I choose the packing list most applicable to my trip and pack from that.  Keeping two things in mind:  1. A neutral color palette  2. Everything must be able to go from day to night | work to play.  

Even my iPad cover does double duty as my evening clutch.  This packing list system streamlines the process for me, along with  a few technology helpers.  Which brings me to the apps that I use most when I travel, just in case you might find them helpful. 

1.  EVERNOTE - I put all my reservation confirmations, passport copy, article clippings in my trip's folder in Evernote.  It's easily accessible and since I build the folder over time as I am preparing to travel, it's great to know everything is all in one place.  This is also where my packing lists reside.  

2.  TRUPHONE - Since AT&T makes it so difficult to understand my plan.  I have resorted to using this app to make calls while away.  As long as you have wi-fi and some money in your account you are good to go.  The connection is clear and the prices are super reasonable.   

3.  INSTAGRAM + CAMERA PLUS + SNAPSEED - I love seeing what my friends and family are up to via my IG feed, especially when I'm away and it is so fun.  I like to share what I'm up to too with photos.  I only share my iPhone pics (no dslr) on IG and 80% I edit either on Snapseed or Camera Plus prior to sharing.  Sometimes you have to crop out the nutty tourists that got in your shot or fix the bad lighting in a restaurant.

4.  8MM PINNACLE- This app is how I make mini travel movies. It is fun to use and sometimes if I am really inspired I will create a longer movie on my iPad using Pinnacle.

5.  SONIA TRAVELS - This is not an app.  It's a youtube channel.  Sonia is bright and funny surfer who also is a world traveler.  She shares quality content to help her fellow travelers.  I learned a few key things from her that made my trip much smoother.  Wish I discovered this channel sooner. 

6.  Rebtel - This app gives you a local number abroad.  Very handy.

* Would love to hear any traveling tips or favorite apps you use while traveling.... I am constantly refining my travel system so I spend less time on logistics and more time enjoying.   


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