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Note:  Even though I talk about this from a new mom POV, it really applies to any time your body is in a very depleted state... 

As a new mom, one of the many things that I had to quickly grasp was how to take care of myself enough so I could take care of my baby.  I am talking just basic things like showering, sleeping and eating well.  My baby is almost one year old now so I am now learning how to expand self care to exercise, meditation, self development but for the first year it has been so much about just doing my best to function at my best.  i quickly learned the importance of sleep, food and supplements to keep me in a healthy state and to help with the physical aftermath of the childbirth process.  Unfortunately, I did not have a glow-ey happy birthing experience (maybe one day after I digest it enough i will share as part of my healing) so there were tons of meds given to me in a short period of time that I had to flush out of my system over months.  And it took months!  Plus, sleep deprivation and the frantic pace life took as the parent of a newborn that had colic and was described by some of the professionals we sought help with as 'high needs'.  It was challenging and a beautiful blessing at the same time, but the experience brought me mood issues, dark circles, fluid retention, dry skin among other things.

I was tempted to just cover it all up with concealer and buy the latest greatest foundation to cover it all up but I knew if I did not feel healthy and vibrant no amount of beauty product was really going to help.  As quickly as I could I rounded up healthy food and supplements that had worked for me in the past and I committed to a routine of use that worked for me (the time of when you take things can have an impact on its' potency).  I am sharing what I did not as a prescription to do the same thing, maybe you might glean ideas.....but I am sharing this as a reminder to others that changing how, when and what we eat can have a healing soothing effect on a body that has been pushed to the limit and your physical state is showing you the signs. 

Many of these I incorporated on my journey to pregnancy, it is just their importance to my vitality became extremely obvious during my first year as a mom.

1. Sleep. Anything you can do to improve your sleep hygiene so you can have deep sleep is vital.  Earplugs, eye mask, blackout curtains, cool temperature, silk pillowcase (that can also help with facial wrinkles). We have no electronic devices at all in the bedroom and I take magnesium (see below) every night 30 minutes before bed to help me relax and drift into sleep. 

2. Low sugar diet.   A few years ago I did https://www.cleanprogram.com/and it was a life changer!  I really want to repeat it again. I took away several things from that experience, a main one being I felt much better when I avoided sugar (and gluten - but that's another topic).  I realized without it I had less brain fog and energy spikes.

3  Grass fed beef bone broth. THE thing to drink.  I feel my best drinking 2 cups a day.  It helps me feel nourished with a sense of steady energy.  I don't crave coffee or random snacks when I drink this regularly.  This was recommended by my acupuncturist as one of the best foods I could eat for both fertility and postpartum.  Basically, it is super good for you overall because of the protein and healthy fats.  I drink it as is, but you can also incorporate it into other recepies as well.  I pick up a fresh quart from A Cut Above butcher shop in Santa Monica.

4  Collagen protein.  I was an early listener of Dave Asprey's podcast since I find biohacking fascinating.  it is through Dave that I learned about sleep hygiene, ketosis, bulletproof coffee among other things such as the benefits of collagen protein.  I drink it daily and even apply it topically.  Side note: the book he wrote with his wife about fertility was my bible for a couple years and I still reference it occasionally.  Of course, it is Bulletproof collagen that I like best.

5 Magnesium.  i was introduced to taking magnesium when I was doing the Clean cleanse.  I had some real struggles at the beginning of the 21 day cleanse process, so I contacted support staff and after addressing my concern we continued to chat about other topics and the team member recommended I read a book called The Magnesium Miracle and perhaps begin supplementation.  I listened, I read and I have been doing this ever since. Natural Calm is my go to for magnesium and I love that it comes is individual travel packets so I can easily take it with me. 

6  Green powder.  For me I need to get part of my greens as a juice or powder.  I find it very difficult to eat the amount of greens that is re commended for optimal health during the course of my day..  To help with this, I drink a protein shake with green powder or if I am in  a time crunch (most days) I will just add the green powder to warm water, lemonade or almond milk.  My preferred version is Vitamineral Green.

7  Sea plant nutrients.  This is the newest addition to my supplement repertoire.  It helped with my detoxification of the meds I mentioned and with hydration.  I also feel it boost my immune system.  There are many types but Quint Essential bioterrian is my preference.  

Again, this is just what worked for me.  I am sharing it because I get asked about what I take and I thought it could be helpful to share.  It is important to emphasize that it took months for me to figure out what combo and what amount worked for me so I recommend keeping notes, be cautious, do your research and enlist the help of a trusted advisor (doctor, homeopath, acupuncturist, nutritionist) as well.


Editor Note / Feb 2018

Editor Note / Feb 2018