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Things that made me smile in Florence / Firenze

Things that made me smile in Florence / Firenze

Italy-Florence- by Naomi Yamada.jpg
Italy-Florence-by Naomi Yamada.jpg

There is plenty to share about Florence - I hope these photos express its' soulfulness to some degree.  It is the dynamic beautiful city I was expecting.  Rich in history and overflowing with art.  The lingering Medici majesty still shapes city life. You walk for hours and hours but never tire because the beauty around you energizes you for more.  

It is always a great change of pace to be in a culture where "to-go"  does not exist, where table turnover at a restaurant is a non-issue, where the honor system is still part of business operations and  where civic pride is widespread (even though they are grappling with an every growing amount of tourists - you still feel welcomed).

I brought many ideas, inspiration and dreams home with me..... among them was the reminder of how taking time to honor little moments imbue our days with deeper meaning.  Those little everyday moments it is so easy to rush through (a walk, a bike ride, coffee, lunch), the little acts of generosity , the little details in the objects we make (and the way we make them) , what we choose to surround ourselves  & so on.  I know this. I believe in this, but it was a joy to experience how the Florentines integrate this philosophy.

♡ Will share my Florence / city guide soon - my favorite Florentine activities and places.

For a few tips on how I travel light, see this post.

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