Welcome to my blog // art project about the mix of things and places that make me smile.  I hope you have a nice stay!

Profile :  Amy Hoban

Profile : Amy Hoban


Amy is a gardener, artist, fantastic cook among other things.... She's also the Creative Director at Shabby Chic brands where she designs beautiful things all the time.  



Things that make me smile, touch my heart or I just love, by Amy . .  .

BEAUTIFUL TEXTILES: My love of color and pattern draws me to the fabrics I see on my travels.  I always leave a bit of room in my bag to carry some home with me. 

GARDENING:  The simple act of putting a seed or plant into the earth, tending to it and watching it grow makes me smile.

MOOD BOARDS:  I love creating a story by piecing together photos, objects, fabrics and colors.  Even opposites can intertwine to tell a new tale or take you to a different place.

COOKING:  My heart feels the fullest and closest to my Dad when I am cooking in the kitchen.  He was an amazing cook and taught me everything I know.




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A little treat ... colorful feet

A little treat ... colorful feet