Welcome to my blog // art project about the mix of things and places that make me smile.  I hope you have a nice stay!



Well, Here I am after more months of being off the grid.  Long story.... I will share an update about that soon. Although I may be absent from posting here, SMILE HEART LOVE is always on my mind.  I am constantly thinking about what is worth sharing but then feeling my hiatus has been too long I have been resistant to making an appearance.  Counter intuitive sounding, but somehow that is the flow of my mind.  I think once I loose the momentum and habit of sharing and making - it takes me awhile to ramp up.  

I am here because I reminded myself this is a personal project, this is a place for me to explore, practice, grow and share.  This is not about generating income, followers etc.... Although, this blog has brought clients my way - the ultimate mission of SMILE HEART LOVE is about focusing on things that make us smile and sharing them.  Okay, now that I said a few words about my hiatus....

Since the holiday season is here.  I thought I would share a few things that I'm gathering to give this year.  I am a proponent of giving things I personally love or have enjoyed.  Any of these would be a great hostess gift as well . . .


1 / My favorite Astier de Villatte candle. The Hollywood scent.  It must be the favorite of many because just finding a few this year was difficult.  Musky, woodsy, cozy scent.  Nothing girly or floral just delightfully moody.

2 / Chez Panisse Amanda Marsalis Photo Book - It's gorgeous to look at, it's large and 100% of the proceeds support the Ediblle Schoolyard Project.  This is not a cookbook, there is not one recipe inside, but the photographs tell an engaging narrative about a year at Chez Panisse and the process that unfolds before the cooking begins.  Note:  if looking for a great Alice Water cookbook, The Art of Simple Food is it. 

3 / Sqirl Jam .  One of the many fun things about Sqirl is how Jessica Koslow integrates seasonal food into her menu, including her jam.  The flavors and mixtures are creative and delicious.  Giving someone a baguette with jam or a cookbook (her new one is a great choice) with some of her jam is always a winner.  I am using Raspberry & Flavortop Nectarine in my thumbprint shortbread cookies this year.  I cannot wait to start baking!

4 / Japanese Cast Iron Incense Burner and Nag Champa incense.  For those that like a little aromatic lift this is an elegant gift.  The burner itself is minimal and beautiful and Nag Champa is a classic.  Although, there are so many other good ones out there, including Hollywood by Astier de Villatte. LOL.

5 / A Little Sheepskin. Always a good addition.  I like this version in a dark linen color instead of the prolific white.  Also, for a holistic choice of hides Shepherdess Hides always has a beautiful selection.

6 / A cool tech charging cord by Native Union.  Who doesn't need a great one?  I wish I knew they had a version that comes with a marble holder for the sliding knot at the time I ordered.  Oh well, next time.

Note: Sept 2017 update... The Native Union charging cord turned out to be poorly made.  I bought three of them for myself, they ALL broke.  Stay away.

P/S  When in doubt, a simple wild bouquet wrapped in burlap or vintage linen is always a winner and if you have time a handwritten note to send along with gift strikes a nice touch.

Astier de Villatte Candle