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Lean and Light

I have always been a light packer.  I find it very freeing being on the move with as little as possible, in fact I sort of look at it as a game, how little can I possible bring but yet have all that I need? It's fun.

Heading to San Francisco for a long weekend I approached my packing by focusing on two staples which would go nicely with alternate pieces.  My staples were a great pair of studded ankle boots and an ivory silk blouse. On the periphery I brought high waisted skinny jeans, a sweater for layering, a black skirt, a dress & heels, a hat  ..oh and of course a slim wool coat coat.  I had everything I needed and could have even gone another couple of days with mixing and matching what I had.  I returned inspired to edit down my closet with my capsule traveling wadrobe approach.  I am going to love bringing it into a more beautifully relavent lean state ♡





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