Welcome to my blog // art project about the mix of things and places that make me smile.  I hope you have a nice stay!

Iris Palette


This year I decided I wanted to make 'quicker' posts, snippits of things I love around me.  Up until now I usuallly wait to do my posts once I have fully finished an idea I had in mind - which is great, it just can take me awhile to get around to finishing my 'idea'.  

I re-thought this and I remember when I initially began blogging it was intended to be a 'sketchbook' for me.  I am going back to that mindset and things will now be looking less finished (not that anything I do here looks finished) and more bits and pieces of ideas/snippits/even instagramed pics.... and of course the more polished idea tossed in too!  

Here's the first of the 'snippits'.  I love this color palette:  celadon, lavender and amythyst - My bedroom is a dusty lavender and I am now inspired to add some celedon and either a bit of silver or touch of coppery bronze  ♡

Lean and Light

Welcome 2013 >>> start creating