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Welcome 2013 >>> start creating

Happy 2013!!  I'm a little belated on that sentiment (got buried in a crazy project), but I do wish everyone a great happy prosperous joyful year.  

I love the HOLSTEE MANIFESTO.  This new year it went up on my wall.  It expresses thoughts we all know deep down inside but sometimes need to hear again from time to time.  I also love how its' message has become so popular - people have shared it around the world.  What started as a quasi mission statment for their studio became words to live by for many.  It shows how when you share your inspiring ideas you really never know what they will look like manifested and who else they might potentially positively impact.

Every line resonates with me, but I am especially drawn to the 'start creating' and 'share your inspiring dream' thoughts.  Reading this poster always gives me a lift and sometimes a push - and I love when things push me in the right direction ♡  Thank you Holstee!


Photo credit:  HOLSTEE


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