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Learning and making Shelter Half style


Last week I went to a 'natural dye' class with artist Krissy Morrison at Shelter Half.  It was an evening of learning (had no idea how toxic the chemical dye process is - natural is the way to go!), laughing and making - now I want all my Thursday nights to be like this.  Playing with color and fabric was so fun and definitly addicting .  I am now starting to look at flowers etc... with new eyes, quietly wondering what color dye they would make.

My friend Angie was there who is amazing with textiles, she shared some extra fabric with me and now I have a beautiful pillow in the works - Thanks Angie!   I want to learn more and try it again, but thank you to Shelter Half and thier amazing crew for making this night so fun and memorable!


New York Fashion Week - Spring 2013

Colorful bling