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Camp Creative

Is it just me or is 2012 whisking by?  Hard to comprehend that summer is already here.  I love days full of sunshine and with my bike now in working order I plan to make the most out of my summer. So many ideas float to mind when I think about all the beauty summer can hold..... long beach days, late sunsets, straw hats, cool dresses, ripe peaches, enjoying the heat from the shade and... 'Camp Creative'

'Camp Creative' is me giving myself creative assignments as an attempt to grow my creative eye and techniques.  The main assignment being to sketch patterns from my summer discoveries. 

This was one of the first sketches.  It's the inside pattern of a shell that I made a bit more colorful in my version and somehow the end result reminded me of coral.  Funny how those things go, one idea morphs into another. This is going to be fun!  

Embrace change

Unfurling beauty in a petal