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Proteus + Process

Like all of you I am inspired in many ways and then when I attempt to integrate that inspiration, things can get groovy.  Here, I was in the library (yes, I still have a library card) when came across the book CY TWOMBLY at the Hermitage.  I checked it out and now need to purchase my own copy.  Every time I look at it I am reminded of the balance between planning and spontaneity, the complex relationship between them (speaking for myself here) and the beauty that is formed when they are in balance.

All the images in the book are stellar, but I was especially drawn to the two he did titled 'PROTEUS, 1984' because  although the paintings suggest the shape and color of the flower, what I feel is truly captured is the essence of those sculptural looking blooms.  I have avoided ever purchasing Proteuses because.... uh, well... I guess they seem so 'bold' in their kind of prickly looking appearance, but this past week I purchased a more mellow variety and have been enjoying them ever since.  

So I went from randomly finding this book (as I was looking for a really yummy vegetarian cookbook) to buying some proteuses to snapping photos of them to now attempting to draw them.  I need to add some more color to my version along with some haphazard elements.  But I love how the whole experience has been somewhat haphazard ♡


Top two photos from book : Cy Twombly at the Hermitage.  Photo and Illustrations by me


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