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Unfurling beauty in a petal

As I was sweeping up some fallen flower petals I lingered on them for a bit.  I unfurled a wrinkled petal and I felt like I was discovering a hidden mini Rothko painting (nature's version of course).  In one little petal there was a floating color field - pink on pink.  Nature being the artist she is had composed it with beautiful porpotions and tone harmony - I was inspired.  Somehow my mind jumped to the photos Irving Penn created of wilting flowers - so above is my quick homage to his project and then I threw in some of my sketches for fun.

I'll request Mr. Penn's book from the library to further study and I'm sure it will lead to more acts of spontaneus inspiration.  Taking a moment to notice the simple things around you can bring you beautiful associations and discoveries.  


p/s... one day I will make it to Rothko's Chapel ...and then perhaps on to Marfa.



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