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Americana via Prada

Sometimes an image will stick in my mind for days.... That's what happend to me after I watched the Steven Miesel video for PRADA S/S 2012.  Here's the link in case you want to check it out.    The colors, the make up, the clothes, the bags, that incredible blue sky!! Immaculate.  PRADA has that way of elevating something basic to something artistic. 

I zeroed in on the hairclip, that looks so much like the one I just 'goodwilled' last week - carved rose surrounded by crystals.  They saw the specialness in it and styled it accordingly, I saw it as... well....outdated.  I love it when I am inspired to take a fresh look at things I overlook ♡


illustrations by me, based on video still from Steven Miesel's video mentioned above.  

California sun

Caught my eye