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Zig Zag

MARNI has always captivated me with their distinct prints and color combinations.  Pairings I would think were odd, somehow looked magical when she (Consuelo Castiglioni) gets her hands on them.  Thusly, I was excited about her colloaboration with H&M and equally excited too see the commericial Sofia Coppola created for it.  Here are a few screenshots and an illustration I did of dress print I loved.  The print espresso brown and white but in my version I added a hint of pink.   After viewing the commercial not only did I want every ensemble, I was also smitten with the set and all the lovely furnishings - if you watch it, you'll see what I mean ♡

Screenshots from H&M commercial.  Illustration of a MARNI at H&M print by me.

Waiting for warm blue skies

For Betty