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Pretty Pink Paper


I find inspiration everywhere - there is always something that sparks ideas and/or feelings in me.  Especially, children's art.  During my teaching years I would often be swept away by the drawings/paintings/poems my students created.  Often after a class I would look at the world a little different.

The pink and green designs above are 'Papel Picados' created by second graders - patterns they cut into tissue paper.  I was reminded of Ikat designs and that's what I dabbled here.  I tried to make the 'dabbles' with the same rawness that they made thier designs.  It meant quieting that critical voice inside my brain (it's too lopsided, that stroke is too thick, people are going to think you can't paint, maybe you can't).  It's fun when it's quiet ♥

Full Moon Groovy Crystal Love

Collage: Lilac Fleurs