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Collage: Lilac Fleurs


I'm enjoying the early signs of Spring - more hours of sunshine, budding blossoms, scented jasmine etc... And smiling that this will be a season of 'prints' and 'florals' in fashion.  Although, one could say they are always in fashion - but this season they are everywhere! A stroll by any apparel destination and you have a plethora of choices - floral denim, floral silk dresses even floral socks!  A full celebration of the flower.  

Since I'm fairly print shy I'll opt for a diaphanous floral scarf of some sort, but I could be persuaded otherwise if I came across something close to the gorgeous Nina Ricci ensemble in the collage.  It reminds me of colorful little happy lovely lilac petals, and who wouldn't feel beautiful wearing that? ♡

Illustrations and flower photos by moi.  Model in Nina Ricci photo from NYT Cherchez La Femme editorial  p. 157- so beautiful, incredible lighting, shot by Boo George.

Pretty Pink Paper

Beauty Lingers