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I want to make these for my tree

Stumbled upon garlands of orgami cranes hanging from a monumental tree.  The juxtaposition of these delicate faded pieces of folded paper twisting among the branches was actually a little startling and maybe even a bit creepy at first (it was totally unexpected).  As a youngster I spent many nights making oragami cranes for different celebrations (a Japanese tradition) but I never thought of using them like this.

I wondered if they were symbolic to someone or what sparked someone to do this.  Wish I had a wide shot to show you, but for now this is all I got to remember that really cool random discovery I made at sunset along a windy road  ♥

I am hoping my schedule slows down just a bit so I can make my own garland version for the holidays - perhaps toss in a few snowflakes ❅  Oragami cranes are so fun to make!

Sparkle + Shine

Blurry sunlight in my eyes