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Stencil love

I am now thoroughly into mexican tooled leather design.  I grew up receiving wallets, address books, bags, etc with these really cool designs hand tooled onto them but never really appreciated the craftsmanship.  Lately, I find myself learning about the different techniques and the vast quality spread in craftsmanship (just like in anything else).  It's a lot of fun to dig through a pile of these hoping to find one that truly stands out.

The one above is the result of such a search.  I should have taken pics of the pile I had to go through to find this.  Geez!  Very worth it though, it is lined in hot red leather and has hand-cut interior pockets.  I was so inspired by the tooled design I of course had to sketch it.

I love a great designer bag as much as any other girl but there is nothing like using somethig completely hand made + designed that no one else has ♥

Blurry sunlight in my eyes

handmade vintage patterns