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Paris Fashion Week - Spring 2012 >> Aloha Style

I kept a pulse on fashon month for ideas and inspiration plus I distill fresh perspectives for my own evolving style.  I am not one for buying lots of new stuff per se, I enjoy looking at what I already have with new eyes and then making a few well chosen 'acquisitions'.  Keeping things beautifully simple and thoughtul is my approach to dressing these days.

All in all following fashion month is a blast.  I especially loved seeing the Isabel Marant show.  Of course I thought the clothes/shoes/belts/jewelry were beautiful and very wearable but I went head over heels on how she referenced the Hawaiian print and blended it with a western vibe.  When I was little we lived in Hawaii for a bit and half of my family is from there, so the aloha print always makes me smile (even bad ones..).  In fact the very first thing I ever sewed was a drawstring bag and I used a similiar print to the one that showed up in her show.... I went digging for it so I could share... Very funny - my 8th grade home ec project still hanging in there.  I could never part with it, I just loved the print too much. 

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