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Shake stuck


Sometimes I skip blog posting because I think I do not have anything 'finished' enough to post.  I am without a 'more polished' illustration or mini photo narrative so I just 'play hookie' from SHL, but I realized it ends up leaving me 'stuck'. 

...And as I am 'stuck' it spills over into other areas.  One of the main motivations behind my blog is to have an online sketchbook to share with others and for myself - so it really defeats part of it's purpose when I don't sketch.  I also realized one of the reasons I go on sketching hiatuses is becuase I want all of my sketches to be fairly decent. It is as if I am being self critical before I even make anything.  Ok, that is unrealistic and I want to just let that go.  Especially, since it creeps into other creative parts of my life.  Luckily, I remembered something I heard somewhere: The best way to get unstuck is to take ACTION.

So I have begun those 'morning pages' again -10 minuntes every morning of purging all that rambling mind clutter (at least that's how it is for me).  This time I am using the Noteshelf app as my journal, makes it a little more fun to do.  In addition to my morning pages I draw something for less that 5 mins.  Anything, just something!  That's what the above sketch is, it's no biggie, totally unpolished, a couple minutes of sketching the casablanca lily's on my dining room table.  

It really helped, those simple two acts helped shake that creative feeling of 'stuck'.  Whew!!  


Shaking 'stuck' makes me smile ♥

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