Welcome to my blog // art project about the mix of things and places that make me smile.  I hope you have a nice stay!

'There are always flowers for those who want to see them' -H.M.


I grew up going to museums, I've worked at museums, I luv art.  Matisse has always been a favorite.  He is the one I wish I could paint, draw, sculpt, collage like.  Too many admiring qualities to rave about, suffice to say I hope one day to understand color just half as well as he did.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of his creations when I visit the MoMA exhibition.  I know I'll be there all day and leave fueled with ideas, inspiration, joy and a desire to immediately depart for Morocco ♡

Above is a page from a sketchbook I did while visiting the Met's exhibition on his interest/luv in textiles.  A quick jot of pen to remember the mural size fabric collage he made of sea life.  I absolutely thought of it when I did my little watercolor version years later ▼


No one knows the folds in the future

When all else fails, just draw