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Something new in something seen

I have had this tear (magazine clipping) floating around from files to journal to collage folder for a while. Originally, I kept it because I luv this girl's coat (sharp fit in shoulder and sleeve, we all know how hard that is to find).  Plus, I really think her hair is cool and I'm bound to try this look one day.  Maybe tomorrow?

Then the other day as I was going through things, I realized that this photo was taken during the construction of The High Line and there's the Standard Hotel rising above all the chaos.  I ♥ The High Line! It was there all along and I didn't even see it.  It made me wonder how many other things in my life I'm only half aware of.

I altered the original photo to make more of a distinction between foreground/background.   I smile every time I see this because now I think I see the whole picture.

Re-created photo.  Original photographer: unknown.

take it from the top

You never see it coming until it's gone