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Girl in the Mirror

Blending my sadness for Mother Earth's oil wound with my LUV of the MJ song Man in the Mirror, I decided to strengthen my giving/contributing/helping muscle.  I want to help and share beyond what I am used to, to be of service to others, to the community & to the earth. . ....

As I've been exploring different avenues...I discovered '29 gifts', which started as a book and has grown to be a worldwide giving movement/challenge (learn more here, maybe you'd like to join me?  it's fun!).  It's about becoming an active giver for 29 days straight.  I am on day 3.    

There is some significance to the #29 (I have to re-read that part).  Thus far, I have begun to notice the voice in my head asking 'what can I give?' slowly becoming just as loud as the voices of ambition and effort (and boy are they loud).  Everything I have given so far has been of small scale, but received with big smiles  ♥   These 29 days are just the beginning. .. . . ...... . 


"Be the change you want to see in the world" - MAHATMA GANDHI


p/s   Bravo Rafa!! 

✷ Sun Luv