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I have been using band-aids with these cute characters on them since 3rd grade.  I would ask my Mom to take me to a special store just to get them.  I remember how they would wrap them up Japanese style at the counter, add stickers and trinkets while you paid -  I luv'd the whole experience.    

I always have some on hand because when you cut yourself bad enough to need a band-aid, you instantly feel better when Hello Kitty & Crew are looking back at you. I think of them as cheering me on to a scar-free recovery while telling me it's all going to be okay.  They made my unfortunate run-in with a box cutter (oouch!) much less gruesome ♡

Tomodachi = friends in Japanese

p/s  maybe they're also saying 'go Rafa!'

Girl in the Mirror

Louise ♥