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Things I carry within me / Things I carry with me


I'm on a quest for solutions/ideas/inspiration.  Every quest requires a great bag to carry the utilitarian daily stuff as well as the shifting disappointments/dreams/memories/hopes/regrets/challenges gathered along the way. 

This bag is perfect for that.  Plus its' distressed leather and shape bring out my bohemian side.  While I salute the many great pockets that are just the right size and in just the right place there is one teeeeeny design flaw....the knot. No matter where it ends up, it's not so comfy.  Soon I'm going to solve this by hand-stitching the ends together with a contrasting leather cord. No more knot and more boho ♥ Wonder what AW would say.

You never see it coming until it's gone

Feeling spellbound is reserved for true believers