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Louise ♥


Louise Bourgeois inspires me.  While at the Getty, drawings were my absolute favorite collection area & they still are.  I just fell in love with their intimacy - it was as if I had wandered into an artist studio and just picked up something that was laying on their table.  Casual, direct and expressive all at the same time. ...Once I saw Louise's drawings in real life (reproductions never do justice), I was mezmerized.  Although primarily known for her beautiful abstract sculptures - I always favored her drawings a little bit more.  Today, I looked out my window and drew these leaves as a gesture of appreciation for the inspiration she has been to many of us. Here's to a gloriously creative 98!  Merci beaucoup ♡

"Drawings have a featherlike quality.  Sometimes you think of something and it is so light, so slight, that you don't have time to make a note in your diary.  Everything is fleeting, but your drawing will serve as a reminder, otherwise it is forgotten."  -LOUISE BOURGEOIS


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