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3 May : Inspiring

I find it's good to have multiple inspiration boards in motion since each project usually has a different mood/s, plus it keeps the dynamic interesting. I gravitate toward things I like for mood, color, composition, texture, memory, dreams...etc.  There are some images I leave up for years and some that I like only in spurts.  This weekend I switched out some images that weren't quite working anymore with new stuff.  This morning the energy in the studio felt refreshed...could also have to do with the new funky studio playlist.

Photo credit: this is one of my three boards, images are a mix of mine, mag tears from my archive dating back to 2000 and screen grabs from my blog luv faves : scott, garrancetodd & tommy.      

*Speaking of streetstyle photogs ....I really enjoyed Bill C's 'on the street' this week - He is always such an inspiration.  Beyond his passion and dedication - he sees everything with a heart full of acceptance and appreciation.  It's his POV that I just luv.  And to be living at Carnegie Hall during such cool time?  Wow!  Interested?  look.

4 May : Latte

29 April : Vata