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19 May : Moon-esque

Prompted by a request for dining recommendations in the Marais, I skimmed through my Paris trove of goodies and found a whole other sketchbook I forgot about (and my foodie notes).  Yipppee! 

This is a beautiful necklace at the Musèe du quai Branly.  It is hammered gold and although fairly good sized I thought it would be light to wear since it was pounded pretty thin.  It is enhanced with the design pattern of a folded fan.  I stood there among rowdy Parisian school kids (who kept asking me all sorts of questions about my sketchbook, -they were actually pretty funny) and sketched, I only wish I could have tried it on!  Hand made artistry, there is nothing like the trace of the hand. N o t h i n g. . .  .....  . ♡

20 May : View from a Cloud

17 May : Floating on My Wrist