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28 April : Delicata?

Sharing a bit of my farmers market loot.  The weather was so beautiful today I was completely distracted from shopping. Yet, I still managed to gather yummy things - and keeping with my personal food challenge of trying to use a new ingredient every week... this week it's Delicata Squash.  I really just wanted to zoom in on yams - but the yam/squash farmer said I would love the Delicata. He said the yams are for juicing and eatting raw (as he handed me one to start chomping away on immediately like an apple) but as a meal he was really pushing the Delicata (dell-a-what-a? I never heard of it).  This farmer was wearing a t-shirt that read "Grow Food or DIE" - so how could I not take his recommendation?  He offered me to come back next week if I didn't like it and he'll give me more yams and day fresh eggs.  I luv FM, I always learn something new!

But the buzz was all about 'spring garlic'... I first tried it a few weeks ago and I'm hooked. Only in season for 1 1/2 months which means I must experiment fast.  I've done well with the sauteed and raw in salad method and now I'll be moving on to steaming. 

29 April : Vata

27 April : Bag Luv