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27 April : Bag Luv


My spring bag is a beautiful paprika/tangerine color.  I had to bring it home, it just looked so cheerful.  It's super soft and a delight to carry - the only draw back is it is smaller than what I usually carry. This means I had to edit my daily stash down to pure essentials.  Not so easy for me, but so far so good... I am doing surprisingly well with only my: wallet, iPhone, sketchbook, pen, vegan snack bars, almonds, lip gloss, good luck charm, hair tie, a way too old tube of mascara (probably toxic by now, eew! - but works so well) and of course a bit of essential oil de jour.   Life simplified... . ..  .Voila!! 


28 April : Delicata?

26 April : Shanti Shanti