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23 April : DIY


Alyssa Norton makes beautiful jewelry.  I got this years ago (at Roseark ; then Kaviar and Kind - the BEST!) when she first came on the scene and I only wore it once.  What?  I luv it, but don't wear it?  It just falls a little short when I wear it as a necklace for the look I want and it's toooo much for my little wrist when I wear it as a bracelet.  So, hopefully Alyssa won't mind if I have at it this weekend and tweak it so it works better for me.  I have hesitated messing with her original design, but I really really want to wear it - and that means I need to break out my limited jewelry making tools and twiddle away.  I am very excited to see what I come up with.  If it's a success, I have a black one that will be next in line.....

26 April : Shanti Shanti

22 April : Earth Rocks!