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22 April : Earth Rocks!


I have discovered the supportive properties of rocks.  I am getting pretty into this and my home is starting to look like a geologist lives there.  In the metaphysical realm rose quartz is associated with our Heart Chakra - it soothes and calms while it uplifts your spirits.  It clears away any negative energy and replaces it with love energy. It's been said it can ease guilt, re-new hope, foster empathy, reconciliation, lower stress, clear anger, balance emotion, improve sleep, promote compassion, fuel forgiveness...all good stuff that brings the heart peace. For me it's a physical reminder to act from a place of love as much as possible.  Plus, it is really pretty to look at.  Hard to paint all the subtle shades of pale pink - I gave it my best shot.

I bought this from a rock specimen seller on eBay, and this Madagascar (supposedly THE place with the best energy charge) rose quartz has really had a happy effect on me.   I am looking forward to the next new moon (May 14) when after a salt bath my growing collection of crystals and rocks will sit outside to absorb the universes' special energy.  By that time my collection should be pretty rad as I have eBay'd an 'intensifier' (that should be interesting) and more rose quartz among other really cool stuff.  

p/s  everyday is earth day... ... .    .

23 April : DIY

21 April : Sueños