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21 April : Sueños


I have always wanted one of these, but for some reason never came around to getting one.  Today I walked out of the post office after a frustrating interaction with the clerk who was berating me because I wrote an Amsterdam address incorrectly and was using the wrong form (Oops).  I struggled to remain calm & pleasant while I wrapped things up and left.  As I'm walking to my car I see this man on a bike and he has rows and rows of these dangling from his handle bars.  He made them and was selling them.  Believing these just may catch all the wonderful things I dream about I bought two (should have bought 10).  We talked briefly about how he made them & what a great idea I thought it was to sell these around the neighborhood.  With a big thank you I left.....Two blocks later at a stop light, someone starts knocking on my window.  It's the dream cather man, he wanted to give me another one - he said they work best in 'threes'. 

It was a kind gesture, from a sweet man and every time I look at these of course my heart smiles. 

22 April : Earth Rocks!

20 April : W e l c o m e