Welcome to my blog // art project about the mix of things and places that make me smile.  I hope you have a nice stay!

20 April : W e l c o m e


Aloha and Welcome!!  Happy to officially share my first 'smileheartluv' post...I know I talked about staying away from more flowers but what can I say?  These baby orchids are pretty captivating - but I promise no more for awhile.  These are on my desk, so throughout the day I drew a different one every so often and then painted them in one full swoop.  After I was done with it I realized the looked sort of funky, maybe like they were dancing or something.  Dancing baby orchids make me smile.  They also remind me a little of confetti, very appropriate for a welcome inaugural post.  

p/s: A quick word about the name.... I realized that many things  I was choosing for my posts at thingsiseebyme.com (which is a page here on THIS site -see page link) were things that made me smile, touched my heart or I just really liked/luv + the light heartedness of those words (even the purposeful misspelling) lifts my spirits every time I say it- so there you go.... Life can get pretty darn crazy and reminding ourselves there are always things to smile about can really make a difference.  Very happy you are here :) 




















21 April : Sueños