Welcome to my blog // art project about the mix of things and places that make me smile.  I hope you have a nice stay!

Chaos serves its' own purpose

One day I had an idea.  I wanted one of those 'on trend' military parkas, but with my own spin.  While in NYC, I ended up randomly in front of a military surplus store on 8th street where I found a Canadian one that suited me almost perfectly.  I LOVED the drawstring detail and the French writing inside but sleeves needed work and I was not diggin' 2 of the pockets.  At a dry cleaners in the West Village a very spunky lady who was intensely practicing her English took care of those details for me.  I really loved looking around her place, I felt I was in a studio full of colorful objects and shimmering plastic - I think it was the original tin walls and ceiling that really got me.  I now have the perfect running off to yoga/farmers market throw on ever! ♥  and it makes me smile when people ask where I got it... 

Tied together with the lessons you taught me

Every single song brought me to the same place