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The doing and the being


I love the things my mind wanders to... Example: the accessory I am unable to hunt down: the near-perfect (nothings perfect) classic envelope clutch.  I have thought about this thing for a long time (years!!):  dimensions, places I would carry it to, stuff I would fill it with, accompanying outfits, interior pocket size, color! color! color!, material (leather? waxed canvas? snakeskin?).

I have exhausted eBay, vintage shops, consignment venues and about every major and indie designer. Anyone know where it can be found?  Classic design, unfettered with hardware or other excess adornments and something that looks better with use.  I'm on the verge of designing my own. Seriously! Send any tips/resources/ideas my way.  Merci !

Seeking, Searching, Sipping

Three thymes