Late summer beauty bits

Eucalyptus detail by Naomi Yamada
Summer beauty essentials by Naomi Yamada

Sometimes I am asked what do I use in my hair (it's long wavy and slightly unruly).  I never can remember on the spot what they are, so I thought I would include them here.  I prefer as minimal a routine as possible. I wash it maybe twice a week, always air dry - use this pre shampoo treatment once a week (partly because I love the tropical smell and feel) and if I'm going out I'll toss some mousse in it to pull it all together.  Some fun beauty extras here:  a favorite nail polish, the Louis Vuitton hair ties that are so off-trend I love them  and the hanging of eucalyptus in the shower thing everyone seems to be doing these days - for good reason ♡


NOTE:  I began a shopping list for things I share here, as a matter of ease.  I am not compensated for anything I mention here.  All is done in the spirit of fun and sharing.

Enya's dress

Street style Vintage Dress

Sometimes I see someone wearing something that makes me smile.  It can be the way they wear their hair, cool earrings (those Dior tribal studs!) or something unfussy and pretty worn in a laissez-faire manner.

A recent experience happened when I saw Enya in this vintage cotton dress.  Being on the shy side, I don't usually stop people and ask to take their photos.  I admire those photographers who do that quite naturally. In this case, I had the idea to have my gifted friend make a sewing pattern so we could have our own version so I NEEDED a photo.  Enya was very kind to oblige my out of the blue request and even showed me multiple versions of how she wears it - knotted in front, in back, buttoned up or low, etc. Plus, I really liked her motorcycle boots too.  Finding a classic simple silhouetted cotton day dress alluded me this summer but with this photo in hand and my friends' skills, hopefully I'll have one ready for Fall.  


Study 2

Tulip floral study by Naomi Yamada

I was re-reading this about Dries Van Noten's exhibition (I collect bits of ideas to revisit later) and suddenly I was inspired to draw and photograph some tulips.   Just as I saw them at that moment without me listening to the commentary from my inner critic (who likes to tell me my sketches are mediocre at best).  Somedays it's feels so good to just go with the flow and set your eye free.


New York City / Shelter Island Smiles

Lower Manhattan Skyline by Naomi Yamada
New York City Photo snapshots by Naomi Yamada
New York city and Shelter Island photo grid by Naomi Yamada

It was a great blend to spend some time on a city island and then on an island island.  The two compliment each other perfectly. Just as I was getting a bit worn from adventuring all over the island of manhattan, I headed out to another island to reinvigorate by beach walking, bike riding and sunset watching.

I love New York. There are always new discoveries to be made, old favorites to re-visit, inspiration to uncover and  the joy of watching a city that is forever changing as it remains rooted in endless energy with a beauty all its own.  All of it is mesmerizing.

So as an ode to New York, I decide to do this composition experiment and organize my photos for this post as a grid.  Partially, in an attempt to echo the grid layout of New York and partially to challenge myself to use a square format (which is not my usual preference).

Here are a few of my favorite discoveries this trip:

Juices from Miss Lily's, where the vibe itself is nourishing.  Navy - I did a whole post on it I'm such a fan. Sunset drinks from the Wythe Hotel rooftop for sweeping romantic views and great people watching. You can then walk to Marlow & Sons for a pretty special dinner.  Speaking of dinner, Perla on charming Minetta Lane was my favorite this trip - they had it all down: service, atmosphere, delicious food all blended with a happy generous spirit.  And of course the art visits - I love the Spencer Finch installation on the High Line.  I visit it every time because to my heart and eye it is pure poetry.  I missed the two galleries I planned on seeing but was quite blown away by the Garry Winogrand exhibition at the Met.  It really made me think differently about my composing skills and ignited a desire in me to shoot black and white.  The Costume Institute's Charles James | Beyond Fashion was eye opening too but I might have connected more with seeing Goya's portraits of the Altamira Family (also on view this summer).... and then there was the Uta Barth triptych as part of an exhibition at MOMA that was of course my favorite. I just kept looking and looking at it, nothing groundbreaking subject matter wise but the execution and the treatment pulled me in.  And what do you know each photo was a square composition. 

Naomi Yamada grid illustration

All photos/illustration/handwriting by me.

Love Navy

J'adore Navy.  A 'cozy neighborhood joint' - the type that feels local, special and familiar all at the same time..  It's not often that one comes across such a combo so I thought I would post a few photos to share.  Hopefully, you can get an idea why it easily became a place for a daily visit.

I discovered Navy on instagram via meltingbutter (where I also went to their site and read about the design backstory here.).  The instagram post of the cool post WWII maritime design immediately caught my eye.  I thought the concept was distinct and so well executed that I had to check it out.... plus the food was suppose to be delicious.  It was.  Everything was on point and the design of every detail has been thougthtfully chosen and tended to.  It does not feel theme-y in any way -  just an easy cool nod to a certain time and aesthetic.   And the food..... if you can you will have to go and taste for yourself.  You will enjoy. You will j'adore 


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All photos by me.