Love Navy

J'adore Navy.  A 'cozy neighborhood joint' - the type that feels local, special and familiar all at the same time..  It's not often that one comes across such a combo so I thought I would post a few photos to share.  Hopefully, you can get an idea why it easily became a place for a daily visit.

I discovered Navy on instagram via meltingbutter (where I also went to their site and read about the design backstory here.).  The instagram post of the cool post WWII maritime design immediately caught my eye.  I thought the concept was distinct and so well executed that I had to check it out.... plus the food was suppose to be delicious.  It was.  Everything was on point and the design of every detail has been thougthtfully chosen and tended to.  It does not feel theme-y in any way -  just an easy cool nod to a certain time and aesthetic.   And the food..... if you can you will have to go and taste for yourself.  You will enjoy. You will j'adore 


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All photos by me.

Love a mistake

Joshua Tree Wildflower by Naomi Yamada
Joshua Tree Wildflowers by Naomi Yamada

Sometimes mistakes happen in batches.  I underexposed almost a whole roll of film while in the desert.  I could not get the temperature to time ratio right and as I tried to resolve it things kept getting murky.  I resisted the impulse to just toss all the dark photos out and just recently re-visited them without lingering frustration and after sometime in photoshop with scans I actually found them quite beautiful.  I'm sure there is some life lesson in this, but for now I'm just enjoying my re-discovery.  I love when this happens ♡


Cloudscape - Heading east but In The West

Tablescape by Naomi Yamada

This is what's on my coffee table right now:  fresh roses from the garden (ideal summer scent), freshly charged crystals from the summer solstice, my favorite summer shine of rouge volupté , the latest addition to my jewelry box: a Yakira Rona diamond studded gold band (I love it and I'll be sharing other things of her's soon) .... and one of the books I like to soak in prior to traveling - for inspiration and for practice in editing my vision to see the essential.  O'Keeffe is always perfect for that ♥


Love Want // Summer Navy Sweater

Summer sweater - navy knit

Sometimes I search for things that I think would be obvious but somehow they elude me.  For example.  I have been wanting a casual navy sweater for breezy summer nights and my search goes on and on.  It probably does not help that I am pretty particular about what I want:  a mostly cotton or cotton wool blend, only slightly slouchy and a true navy hue...oh, and something that can be toted around easily in a suitcase or weekender.  A solid classic sweater that will only get better with more wear.

Something like this but too bad it doesn't come in navy - or this is close too.  In the meantime, I have found some cute ones on my tumblr feed and I made an illustration for fun.  There is a lot of joy in the search/quest for something you know when you find it you will love it ♥


Photos by unknown, found on tumblr, Illustration by me.

Summer Solstice

Summer Sunshine by Naomi Yamada

Happy Summer Solstice .... just a few days tardy.  Time to do the things that there seems to not be enough time for the rest of the year.... long walks, bike rides to new places, beach picnics, reading a few of my books from that ever growing pile, catching up with friends, travel adventures, sunset watching and being with those you love doing nothing ♡


Illustration and handwriting by me.

Welcome Summer

naomi yamada summer collage

Very excited that summer has arrived. I have slowly begun to pull together things that will get plenty use these coming months.... like my straw hats, favorite sandals and cotton blouses.. Although, I have fun gathering summer wears, I am also excited about what summer brings :  more sunlight hours, travel adventures, more time with friends and loved ones, delicious stone fruit (peaches!!) and of course summer flowers.  And as much as I love all those things I might love summer light a little more- I love photographing in it, waking up to it, painting in it - it's distinctness is hard to describe but there is a vibe there that is hard to duplicate in other seasons.  For me, it feels dusted with bright possibilities and the magic to make them happen.

I love what summer will hold ♥



Photos & handwriting by me... item I am most surprised with is the SK-II masks, they really really make a noticeable difference. I am hooked.  Ten over ten has my favorite polish colors lately  (may have to do with my best mani/pedi experiences have been with them - amazing service) and the Kathy Rose eagle tail ear cuff is beyond!  Sorry it's so tiny in the photo.