It is exciting to sneak away during the week for an afternoon art field trip (to Kayne Griffin Corcoran).  The crowds are less or non-existent and it feels like a little treat for the senses and soul.  I told myself that I want to make this more of a regular thing instead of a once in a blue moon kind of thing.  So, this month I made my way to spend some time with one of my favorites, JT.

There is nothing like the experience of a James Turrell.  I sit there in complete awe and wonderment and joy....while watching the vivid combination of color slowly shift into and against one another in a way that is barely perceptible. Part of me gets too cerebral and want to figure out how in the world does he do this, the another part of me just want to bask it its' glow.  The later usually wins out, you surrender to the beauty of it.

I left feeling so happy - it is almost a given after an Turrell experience.  Of course, even though it was referenced nowhere in the gallery, I could not help but think or should I say dream about what is happening over at Roden Crater - talk about magical, mythical, awesome ......

My art is about your seeing - James Turrell

Sharing a few phone snaps of his new large scale 'Elliptical Glass' works and a few beautiful graphics associated with his Aten Reign at the Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum in 2013.

My other post on JT is here.



I loooooove what Alessandro Michele is up to at Gucci.  I think it is all beautiful.... the cuts, the fabrics, the shapes, the textures, the patterns, the colors!  I even love the campaigns.  He has re-interpreted their heritage in a way that feels fresh, exciting and very Gucci. I keep sketching things I find on their site.   This is the leaf instarsia mink coat. Oh my ♡



Gucci Mink Coat Leaf by Naomi Yamada

Happy belated New Year!  Wooohooo.  I was stuck over what to say or post about New Year...resolutions did not feel right (but yes I intend to post more even though my Instagram has slowly become my mini- blog) nor did talking about current goals and certainly did not want to review 2015.  What did feel right though was sharing one of my new practices for the new year.  My practice of daily drawing.

Yep, even if it is only my coffee cup or my lamp, just drawing something everyday for 10 minutes. ... And here is the other thing just with pencil.  No paint, no charcoal, no pen, no color, no rush - just KISS (Keep It Silly Simple).  This has been harder than it sounds which surprised me, since I used to do this easily years ago.  Apparently, rebuilding that muscle is going to take more time that I thought.  What is it they say?  It takes 66 days to build a new habit, not the 21 days recently popularized.  Darn, but OK.

I chose this because:  #1 I miss looking back at a set of sketches and remembering what my life was like when I drew them.  #2  I just miss the practice / ritual / rhythm of it.  #3 I want to also make things that are unfinished. - just a glimpse of a moment, nothing over thought.

I love the part of my day when I draw.  It is a simple thing, but it makes me smile.


Sketch : Detail from Gucci Leaf Instarsia Mink Coat SS16



I am finally in the last stages of updating my portfolio site.  It has taken  so much longer than I anticipated that my temporary cover page is getting a bit stale.   Now, that all my deadlines are behind me for the year, I am finally able to properly focus on wrapping it up.  Which is exciting and tricky at the same time - like all fun projects are.

One thing I have learned over the past few years is that making something look or feel simple and casual is not necessarily easy. The other night at a holiday party I was chatting with a designer about this and we agreed it can take a looooong time to get to simple.  Sometimes things easily fall together, but most times it is more of a process of trials, mis-steps and vision refining.  That conversation made me feel a little better about my delay on my site. I have a goal for my site.  I want it to be simple and easy to use and just feel like you (virtually) stopped by my studio for a cup of tea, a warm chat and you happened to see some images lying around the studio while you were there.  Ideally, the will resonate with some and with those we will chat more and begin dreaming up something fun.

I will keep you posted and would love to hear your thoughts once it's live....Until then, back to building it xo




I have long admired Karma's jewelry.  The quality, the craftsmanship and the love are all a beautiful part of her process.  Everything has a meaning behind it and everything is a celebration of light - within and beyond.  She pours her heart and soul into her creations and you feel that when you wear them/try them on.  Her stunning T cuff is a staple on my wish list and her new rough cut ruby pendants have caught my eye and her.... the list of things to love goes on and on..

A few photos from her beautiful launch at the magical Roseark.  More about Roseark here.

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A few iPhone snaps of a new arrival to Melrose place. 

The Apartment happens to be around the corner from my endodontist and even though I was still in shock (& a little sad) from my second root canal in a month (don't mind my swollen face in photo below), I thought a quick visit might make me feel better.  It pretty much worked.  Just like their NYC Apartment this one is equally dreamy.  Beautiful objects and surfaces with some California sunshine streaming in makes for a hard to beat combination.  I made a mental wish list and left with a renewed conviction for clutter free living.


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