Naomi Yamada March Essentials


Life has been a bit more busy and not necessarily in the brightest way.  Many things going on, and one very tough.

In the midst of all the happenings.  Keeping things simple and easy in as many life areas as possible has been my approach, which includes a nearly daily outfit so I can avoid that whole morning conundrum.  There are variations of sweaters, but this has become my base. Simple is key lately.  Realizing that simple is key always.

& realizing that carrying an evening clutch during the day can be an instant pick-me-up.  It can be the little things that make you smile ♡ .  I'll take that always, especially now.


A super soft cashmere mock turtleneck, vintage high waisted Levis, a vintage metallic clutch  and a few jewelry favorites.   In addition to the few rings and cuffs that never come off, because they are personal totems, but that's a whole other post. 




Photo by me

San Francisco - Quick Visit


Ever since I was a kid, I have loved San Francisco. Something about the bridges, the beautiful bay and the cooler climate really spoke to me immediately.  It has such a distinct vibe - arty, techy, chalk full of history and it's a melange of cultures.  I am always happy to return.  Like any place you return to - it's fun to visit new places, but returning to a handful of solid favorites is also fun. This time we drove up, so we had a car with us and took advantage of being able to explore and scope out new ground - which really meant outer sunset and drives through Golden Gate Park.  So fun.

Until I get around to actually making my version of a  San Francisco City Guide.  Here are a few highlights from this visit.... If you want to see more on my San Francisco faves, I have an earlier post here.

Outerlands - The perfect brunch in a beautiful rustic space.  Eat and stroll the cool neighborhood block on your way to check out the waves right down the street.

Samovar Tea - I was instantly addicted.  Chai Marsala Tea.  I loved their vegan version with almond milk, although the non-vegan version was good too.  It's brewed for I forget how long with lots of yummy things like ginger, cardamon, cinnamon.....  I returned daily for a cup.  Then literally, purchased two teacups to bring home.  Beautiful handmade teacups from Oregon, each with it's own slight individuality that makes them both beautiful and endearing.  It symbolizes how everything is done there, with thoughtful beautiful design execution. I wish I could have brought this whole tea lounge home with me.

Coit Tower - I have always avoided this place (even though one of my besties was proposed to there), as the touristy element is such a turn off..... BUT... I have to say the views are unlike any other in the city and make any drama getting there all worth it.

Sutro Bath Ruins - Who knew this was here? The ruins of a late 19th century swimming pool complex, you can wander all the way down into the baths or just enjoy the view.  The Cliff House is right there if you get hungry or want to have a drink and watch the sunset.

MARCH - Exquisiteness. Elegance. Everything in this store is #nextlevel.  


Photos and illo by me

Table After a Rainy Day

Coffee table books by Naomi Yamada

Here is a recent photo of my coffee table.

This past weekend it rained the entire time.  An unexpected (& much needed) luxury in Los Angeles.  It was all the reason I needed to stay in and stay cozy.  I gathered up some books (some old, some brand new), a few notebooks, magazines and indulged in some quality time with ideas, history and pictures. The odd thing is this felt invigorating even though all I did was loaf around with books (and my new favorite hot beverage:  chai marsala tea with almond milk - that is a whole other post, it is super delicious). Since there is something that feels healing to me about long awaited rain, I also burned some palo santo to add dimension to my indulgent and refreshing weekend.

I read and looked, looked and flipped, jotted and drew.... and did some shopping (that is an Everlane page on the bottom right - who doesn't want to get a cozy sweater on a drizzly day?).  I did this for two days while looking out the window and watching the garden drink up the rain and turn the happiest shade of green - it was refreshing to the earth and to my spirit.  I love the rain.

I think I am a "pluviophile".

Pluviophile (noun).  A lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.


Happy 2015!

BiRite market in San Francisco by Naomi Yamada

Happy Happy New Year !

This is the time of year when we think and dream about our days ahead.  What we will create, what we want to change, what we would like more of....etc.  Starting my posts this year with an something I have been wanting to explore more:  night photography.  When the sun sets I shy away from taking any more photos.  Golden hour is over and I'm pretty much done.

 I realize this is primarily because I am not sure on how to deal with the lack of light - it is a bit of a mystery to me.  I enjoy figuring out those types of things (I think of them as puzzles) once I commit to taking it on and getting to the bottom of it.  It is kind of fun to fumble and make mistake after mistake (you should see my last roll of film I developed).  So, I will in 2015 make more night imagery somehow.  This undertaking is definitely inspired by Brassai and Atget - it is their nocturnes that pushed me to want to try ♡

Wishing you a bright year full of fun new things, interesting puzzles you enjoy piecing together and plenty of smiles + love!


Photo by me : Bi Rite market / San Francisco, California

Slowing down with Kelly

Sketching satsumas by Naomi yamada

It is never a good time to catch a cold, but it's especially no fun during holiday prep time.  Instead of gathering gifts, working to tie up projects, baking and socializing .... I was down with a cold.  Nothing too crazy, but enough to zap my energy and make me sofa bound for a week.  

While I was healing, I read a few of the books on the coffee table.  My favorite of this round was Drawn from Nature The plant lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly.  Kelly used broad strokes, full range of his right arm and let the plant dictate the number of strokes for his lyrical lithographs.  It inspired me to sketch the delicious satsumas I make sure are always around during this season.  As I was sketching, I realized yet again that simple is not so simple to create. Simple and lyrical even trickier.  I loved sketching though, there is that meditative quality that surfaces when your draw a shape again and again....and again.

I also took some time to finally figure out a coffee alternative and this is working out pretty well.  Some days though, you just need a yummy cup of coffee.

During some web surfing and pinning I found this and this by The Line that sums up how I think about dressing these days.  

All in all, slowing down was refreshing.  I pared down my closet even more, I reignited my love of drawing plants and fruit and I have a new warm morning beverage that I love ♡