Zones without horizons

The elegant James Turrell retrospective just closed at LACMA - but the effect it had on me lingers on.  I still think about the installations, the drawings,  - but most of all the vision and the devotion to light as an ever-giving medium.  That single devotion explored with curiosity and respect.

I think about this man who considers his plane his studio, creates zones without horizons and whose current work involves an extinct volcano crater in remote Arizona - that in order to purchase he had to become a rancher.  My mind goes in many directions exploring his sophisticated forms that alter both my perception of space and light... but I always return to the Quaker philosophy that has imbedded itself in so much of his creative process : "greet the light'.  Simply love ♡

" I wanted the light to be the revelation.  It has to do with what we value.  I want people to treasure light."  -James Turrell



Illustrations by me, inspired by James Turrell's Skyspaces.


Sketchbook excerpt / Color Study

Pacific Ocean with Tractors by Naomi Yamada

Some weekends no matter how beautiful it is outside I end up in front of the computer working.  It's those times that I look out my window and sketch or as I am editing, a certain photo will beckon a sketch. The ocean's shifting colors always hypnotize me.  I love their calming tones, reflective/transparent nature and depth.   I attempted to capture some of that in my spiral sketchbook as solid color practice.  I felt completely overwhelmed the last few days and these sketching exercises are more valuable than they look.  Trust me.

I needed the calm of the ocean this weekend and even in photo form it provided it.  I love a great ocean view ♡


p/s.  there was something about the manmade tractor tracks against the expansive peaceful ocean that first appealed to me here.


Paris Fashion Week Love


I really really wanted to like another collection at Paris Fashion Week more than IM's - just because I am pretty much already a devoted fan and I don't want to think of myself as predictable.... but even though I was loving many other collections, when I think about something I could wear in my real life, IM always hits the right note.  Plus, the color palette of ochres, olives, rusty browns with metallics really got me.  ♡

Misty Desert Love

Naomi Yamada fashion collage

Found this L'Officiel Paris editorial and just loved everything about it, the landscape, the rose golden dusty light, the rustic natural olive/ochre color palette, the complimentary textures, the jewelry and so on....

Dreaming of a safari experience as fashionable as this - exactly what great editorials do - add some magic dust to our dreams.  Love that ♡



 Collage by me.  Watercolors by me.  Photographs by Stian Foss in L'Officiel Paris